Humood Alkhudher is a Kuwaiti singer songwriter and producer.

His musical career began at the age of 10, when he was a backing vocalist for his uncle who performed at local events. Upon performing a duet with singer Mishari Al-Aradah at the age of 13, he instinctively knew that he had to pursue music on a professional basis.

He’s best known for ‘Kun Anta’, a track from his superb debut album ‘Aseer Ahsan’ (2015). This alone clocked up a staggering 170 million views on YouTube, but in total, the view count for all his music tops an astonishing 500 million.

His obvious appeal has endured and this has resulted in a number of collaborations with multinational brands – leading to him being featured in ad campaigns across the region, most notably Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

He is a well travelled live performer, taking in countries such as USA, UK, Italy, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia and Oman.




What is your country of origin?
What’s the best city you’ve ever been to?
Vancouver (Canada) and Cape Town (South Africa)
What’s your favourite place to hang out?
A good coffee shop
What's your favourite album?
Aseer ahsan
Name something you still have from childhood
I can still sneeze 3 times in a row
Name of your first pet?
Sultana, it was a cat
What do you listen to while working out?
Inspirational and motivational music
Favourite football/soccer team?
Favourite documentary?
Mankind, The Story of All of Us
If you could meet with anyone living or dead who would it be?
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Most worn item in your wardrobe?
My comfy running shoes, that I wear for everything
What was your first job?
Being a singer
What is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?
Bungee jumping from a bridge
What is one thing you can’t live without?
What’s your favourite color?
Funniest person you know?
Ahmed Alsharif
What’s your favourite book?
Man’s search for meaning
Best gift you’ve ever received?
A laptop
One thing you want to try, but are scared to do?
Wingsuit flying
What’s something on your bucket list?
Visiting India


Aseer Ahsan


January 2015


Awakening Music